Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bubbles Bubbles Everywhere!

So, I was trying to think of something to occupy some of the afternoon that Abbie would enjoy today, and I decided that an early afternoon bubble bath would be fun & purposeful!  Bath time in the evening has become something that Derik and I aren't a big fan of anymore.  Abbie gets fussy, she is more interested in bed than a bath, and putting her down with a wet head and a fan in her room bothers us.  So, I thought a afternoon bath would be kind of like a swim!  She has only taken one other bubble bath, and she was NOT a fan!  This time... she loved it!  We worked on saying "bubble", which is perfect since this week in our preschool lesson we are talking about the letter Bb!  She would say BaBaBa?!?!  Close enough I guess!!
I kept the water running for a while, mainly because she loves to play in the running water!  I know it isnt exactly "green", but she loves it... and occasionally, I let her!  She would put her hands in the bubbles, look at them in wonder, and then wash them off!!

Handfuls of bubbles!

They don't wipe off easily!

What is with this stuff?!?!

Check it out, Mom!?!

Lots of bath time fun!

All smiles!

Crazy hair!!

She didn't seem to mind it!

Bathing her baby!

Now that everyone is clean... and very wrinkled...

Its time to get out!  She's not a fan of drying off!

What a face!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sometimes... things get messy!

This afternoon, lunch was a fun adventure!  We recently learned that giving Abbie meals on a plate, and not serving her one thing at a time... actually works well!  She gets several options, and she can eat what she wants in what ever order she wants! 

We visited some friends while home, and I saw her give her daughter applesauce and a spoon!  My first thought was WHAT A MESS... no thank you!  After thinking about it for a few days, I thought... I have a mop, and a washing machine... whats the harm!  So, I got brave this afternoon, and offered yogurt and a spoon with Abbie's lunch tray!  She immediately picked up the spoon, and when she realized what the spoon was in, she dug in!  It was the most amusing thing I have watched in a while!  She was so excited about doing it herself, and yes... a large mess came with the fun... but these pictures certainly made it worth it!!  She was too precious!!  Slurping yogurt, and getting it EVERYWHERE!!

Abbie's tray, only about 5 seconds after sitting it down!  Notice the yogurt on the hotdogs!
She did enjoy some the other food too!  Except the yogurt covered hotdogs... she gave them to me!

 She actually enjoys eating now!  She is so happy when you set the tray in front of her!  
 I finally turned the tray around so she could have better access to the yogurt!

 Dazed off, but slurping yogurt!

 Big bite!

Making sure that she got every drop of yogurt off the spoon!!

I have to thank Karyn for the idea, so the credit goes to her!!  If you are reading this... thank you!!