Saturday, December 8, 2012

"Elf Defense"

Anyone who reads my blog knows that I do not often sit back and say nothing when I find something that insults me.  There are a few areas in my life that when poked... I bite back, and my parenting is one of them. (My marriage, and our finances are the others... so stay away from telling me what I'm doing wrong in those areas!!!)  Parenting isn't a job that comes with a handbook.  It is a job that everyone chooses to do their own way.  We all have our children's best interests at heart, but our methods differ.  There is NOTHING wrong with this!  In our house... we have rules & laws!  There are 2 main LAWS in our house, thus meaning that these rules will never change or go away!
Our bedroom is our space, and there are no children allowed when the sun is not up!

This is really for my own sanity.  There isn't much in this house that is MINE, but the food on my plate is.

As far as rules go... here is the short list...
My parenting technique differs from most people that I know.  This doesn't mean the way I do things is wrong, nor is the way you choose to parent.  My logic behind our system is explanatory.  While Abbie has good days and bad... most every child does, our method seems to as a generalization, work! 

The point of this post, however, is not to preach about my superb parenting skills.  They are far from superb, and I am not planning on writing a book on the subject!  This post is about "Elf Defense".  I read a post last night that really got me fired up.  You can read this post here.  While I am sure this post was meant for laughs and not to insult, it got me thinking.  I have had sooooooo many friends on Facebook post something about how tired they are of seeing everyone's Elf, or that the Elf is stupid, or that people who choose to have fun with their Elf have no lives.  I felt some clarification was needed.  There is nothing stupid about our Elf.  Holly is here to keep Abbie on her best behavior.  Her fun antics each day are to keep Abbie thinking about her.  When Abbie wakes up each morning, her first statement is "Let's go find Holly".  We come downstairs and look for our Elf!  Abbie lights up each time she sees Holly doing something fun!  
What this article was saying that got me upset, might be true in some houses.  However, in ours... it would never happen.  Our elf does things to make Abbie LAUGH, but never anything to coax Abbie into breaking rules.  Did our Elf draw on a family picture, yes.  Does that mean that Abbie will draw on all of the pictures around our house... NO.  She would get in trouble for doing so, and she is aware of this.  I am not a hypocrite of a bad mom for this.  When she found Holly with a marker in her arms, Daddy said "SILLY HOLLY, we don't draw on pictures". Therefore Abbie is not picking up bad habits because of our Elf.  Our Elf, has Abbie convinced that every night when she goes to sleep, Holly comes to life.  Her antics around our house have proven to Abbie that Holly is real.  THAT WAS MY HOPE!  I don't throw away money, and to me $30 on a stuffed animal that sits on a shelf collecting dust is a waste.  I would never have bought it, if the intentions were to have it sit on a shelf and do nothing.  Abbie wouldn't have cared about Holly AT ALL!  So, to sum it up...
A)  Abbie is 2, and I want her to have fun Christmases lingering in her memories for years to come!  This tradition is fun and we have enjoyed watching her enjoy it!  
B)  Just because my Elf is much more active than some, doesn't make those parents slackers.  Your idea of the Elf on the Shelf experience can differ from mine!
C)  Judging someone on their parenting method, does no one any good.  Does it make your method any more effective, no.  Does it boost someone's confidence in parent department (which we all need), no.  All it does is hurt.  It isn't our place to judge people, as parents or for anything really.  So... worry about your kids, your household, your Christmas experience, your traditions... and let me worry about mine!

For those who have enjoyed watching Holly's every move... thank you for your support & encouragement!  I really am having fun with Holly, and knowing that other people are excited to see what she is up to next, makes me even more excited to plan out her next adventure!!  
Holly has a website... feel free to use our ideas & share them with friends!!
 - Jessica