Friday, July 18, 2014

A Whole New World

Yes, that was an Aladdin reference!
However, we did venture into a brand new world today!  The world of sensory happiness! A place where all of Brady's unique cravings and desires were met, and he was content. There are no other Pediatric OTs in the area that work specifically with children who have sensory needs.  This office has 5 therapists on staff that are PHENOMENAL!!  The office is BRAND NEW, and we are one of the first patients to get an opportunity to play in "The Treehouse"!!!

I had so much fun watching him laugh, smile, and enjoy himself for the entire hour and a half!  In fact, I am not sure that I have ever enjoyed watching him as much as I did today.  This appointment was completely catered to Brady's needs, and the therapist let Brady take the lead.

He started off with some simple toys that were really fantastic for him.  The idea was to let him "warmup" to the room & to Laurie, naturally, but that didn't take long at all!  He got used to the room quickly, and crawled over to a big hanging "treehouse" swing!  He climbed in with absolutely no problem & we began to swing him!!!  He LOVED it, and even climbed back in for a little more action after we took him out!

After the "treehouse" swing we tried some block stacking, but our therapist, Laurie, really wanted to get Brady into the ball pit!  It was a HUGE ball pit, and I was able to get in with him & we had so much fun!!  He loved to "splash" in the balls.  It made so many move, and he was able to get a lot of the visual stimulation that he craves so much.

We played for a while too!  I would stand him up, and he would fall over into the balls!  He even said "gan" which means AGAIN!  After a while, I grabbed him by his hands and tossed him up so he landed in the ball pit, and he just laughed and laughed!

After the ball pit, we tried some bouncing in a large swing that was attached to the ceiling with bungee cords! Brady enjoyed it, but he can't quite figure out how to bounce on his own.  That actually doesn't surprise me, as he NEVER jumped in the jumperoo!

By far, his favorite part of therapy was when Laurie began to swing Brady in the swing.  He laid his head back on the swing, and was completely content!  

After the swing, Brady requested to go back into the ball pit, and we had fun throwing balls into a basket and then pouring them back in on Brady!  We finished the session up with some lego play and a few puzzles! He did FANTASTIC, and he made mommy very proud!  I can't wait to go back, and if Brady could talk... I think he would say the same thing!!!

 - Jessica

Friday, June 20, 2014

A Little Masterpiece

Brady works hard in physical therapy weekly.  Some days the work load of the session leads to an early and very elongated nap!  We push him to try new things and step outside of his very small comfort zone.  Since it wasn't "miserable" this morning, we ventured outdoors to try something new... PAINTING!  Brady enjoyed the new activity very much, and did an excellent job standing for the entire time he painted his beautiful picture!  I enjoyed watching him, and I thought my readers might enjoy it too!

The final product...

I love this sweet little guy!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The In Laws Arrived!

Derik's parents arrived this morning, and the kids were over the moon excited to see them both!!  It has been 3 months since we were last able to visit, and they are staying for 5 days this trip.  We spent a while trying to get the grocery situation squared away today, but we were able to enjoy a yummy dinner together! Derik was able to take off work today, so it was nice to be able to spend the day with us all together.  

Pa Wayne & Brady were able to take a little walk.  

The heat kept us indoors most of the day, but Brady didn't seem to mind!  
He was able to get a lot of snuggles with Nana and Pa Wayne!

We are hoping that the heat doesn't prevent us from venturing out the entire visit!  We are looking forward to all the fun that tomorrow holds!!

 - Jessica

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

2014, Is it seriously half way over???

Where has the first half of this year gone???  Seriously... can we already 5 1/2 months away from Christmas???  It is a little bit shocking that it has been 6 months since we celebrated the start of a New Year. However, when I stop and think about everything that this year has held for our family thus far, I can totally understand why half of the year has flown by so quickly.  
Since I gave up scrap booking in 2012, when we met Brady, my blog is the way for me to reminisce.  With my complete lack of blogging this year, I am afraid of forgetting things.  So, I am recapping this year so far with my blog!

We took our first family vacation this year, and traveled 5 hours via plane to Salt Lake City, Utah.  

The trip was quite an adventure, and we squeezed in every drop of Utah that we possibly could!  The kids and myself stayed for 3 weeks, and Derik visited us for the week in the middle!  We stayed with my mom & her husband, and were able to visit with almost all of our new family there. 

We went to 2 gymnastics meets,   

a Utes basketball game, 

& a Jazz game.

We visited Park City, Utah, and explored Olympic Park, 

and drove through the chaos that was Sundance Film Festival!!

  We drove up to Alta & Snowbird Ski Resorts and really 
got to take in the amazing beauty of Utah snow!  

We also celebrated Brady's 2nd birthday while we were there!!  
A fun trip to get some frozen yogurt & cupcakes made his day very special!  

It was an incredible trip, and we made so many amazing memories!
You would think that would be enough awesomeness for one month, but nope!!  January 31st, our sweet Brady wore his hearing aids for the first time, and experienced sound like he never had before!  It was such an amazing thing to watch as he heard sound and our voices.  While the last 4 months have been a bit of a headache in the hearing aid department, it is great that he has a way to hear sound.  Small children and hearing aids don't mix well, but we will get the hang of it eventually!

February - 
February didn't let us down either!  The kids got to experience their first "real snow".  They have seen snow before, but never really played in it!  
Abbie had fun building a snowman with daddy... they named him Olaf, what else!?!?!

Brady enjoyed watching from the window!

We celebrated Abbie's 4th birthday (and Brady's 2nd) with some of our closest friends.  We made birthday cake pancakes & everyone wore pajamas!  Then she had a sleepover with her best friend!

My big girl had her 2nd very successful trip to the dentist, and did amazing!

  The most memorable part of my February, had to be the awesome girl's weekend in New York City for Elizabeth's birthday!!  Her husband gifted her with a trip to the weekend with 3 of her girls, and I was lucky enough to be one of them!!  After our flight was cancelled, due to weather... we had an SUV pick us up and drive us all the way to Manhattan!  We stayed at the Sheraton in Times Square, and had an awesome time!!

We got there, checked in, and headed down to Time Square.  Since the city seriously, never sleeps, we got the full NYC experience... even at 10pm!!

The next morning, we ate breakfast at an awesome deli across the street from our hotel.

Then we went shopping in Soho... after a somewhat scary experience in Chinatown!!!

We ventured all the way down to the new World Trade Center.

After a busy day of exploring, shopping, and a LOT of walking, we decided to walk to the Empire State Building & check out the view from the top!

It was worth the walk!

Before dinner at Nobu, we went exploring a bit more, and found Radio City Music Hall!

And the infamous LOVE sign!

And our final stop before dinner, was the Plaza Hotel!

Before heading to the train station to head back home the following morning, 
we took a carriage ride through Central Park!

The trip was an amazing experience, and I am so glad that I was there with people I love, and people who knew the city!  It was a little overwhelming for this suburb girl!!

March - 
We made some fun memories in March, when Nana & Pa Wayne visited.  Our morning at Sunday Park was the highlight of the trip.  Abbie had fun bouncing with Nana.

And Pa Wayne & Brady bonded!

March also means I turned a year older, and this March, I celebrated 29 years.  

To celebrate my aging, I decided to get a new look!  I sported a new haircut, that I love!!

Derik & I took a night away from the kids for my birthday & stayed at the Jefferson Hotel!

We enjoyed a movie at the CineBistro, & Room Service for breakfast the next morning!

April - 
Abbie started gymnastics April 1st, and immediately fell in love with it!  
Her friend, Rylan, was in class with her, and I think it made her enjoy it even more!

We had a "Mommy MakeUp Day", and Abbie was allowed to play in my makeup!!

Grammy came to visit us in the middle of April, and we took a few trips to Sunday Park!!

 Grammy stayed with the kids, so that Derik & I could go to the annual Partner's Conference!  This year the conference was in Orlando, and we had so much fun!

The 2nd night, Fleming's, rented out House of Blues, and the band was AMAZING!

We spent our Free Day in Downtown Disney with friends!
We had lunch at the Rain Forest Cafe.

And the conference ended with a great concert by the Goo Goo Dolls!
3rd year front row, and 3rd year with a set list to take home!

April was also a very exciting month for Brady!  We ordered and received his Upsee in less than 2 weeks!  When we got home from Florida, we wasted no time trying it out!  He LOVED it.

We ended April by celebrating Easter, and the kids looked so sweet in their outfits!

April also brought some devastating news for our family.  April 30th was the first time I witnessed Abbie have a seizure.  After having an MRI on May 2nd, our fears were confirmed.
Abbie was diagnosed with Childhood Absence Epilepsy on May 3rd.  We started medicine immediately, and have seen a significant reduction in seizures.  However, we have only had 1 day in the last 2 months that was seizure free.  We are continuing to pray that Abbie grows out of this, and doesn't have to face this challenge her entire life.  

May - 
May always means Mother's Day, but this year, we had an extra special Mother's Day Weekend!  On Saturday, May 11th, we celebrated Brady's baby dedication!  
It was long overdue & such a fun morning with friends and family.

Mother's Day, we celebrated our with our best friends!!  Abbie's best friend, JoyAnne turned 4, and Brady's best friend turned 1 (on May 31st), so we celebrated both amazing kids in one party!

Then I wrapped up my Mother's Day, with a fun evening of laughing with some amazing friends, and indulging in some delicious food at Flemings!

Abbie met her first real princess, Sleeping Beauty, 
at a birthday party for her friend, Rylan, the following weekend!!

The same evening, we headed to Chick Fil A for a Princess Party!
Abbie said "it was the best day of her whole life"!!!

Since May brought the summer heat, we created a backyard water play ground!

The kids love hanging out in the water!

The last day of May, was my very first Farmer's Market!!  I decided to commit to being a vendor for the entire summer at our local market, and I have REALLY enjoyed it so far!

June - 
And that brings us to June!  So far, June has been HOT!!!  
We did enjoy one perfect weather morning at Sunday Park as a family!  

Abbie has been working hard at gymnastics & is doing really well!  

And Brady is continuing to show progress with walking!  He still loves his Upsee!

We created a little sandbox for the kids to explore in, and both kids love it!

And we took a trip to the Stony Point Fountains!  Abbie had a BLAST!

It was Brady's first experience, and he absolutely loved it!
Well, that brings us to the hear and now... and today wasn't super exciting!!  We did find out that the owners of our townhouse will be making some upgrades, and we are so excited to see the changes!  We are also looking forward to a visit from Nana & Pa Wayne tomorrow, and a trip to the River with our small group next weekend!  I still can't believe that 2014 is half way over, but I have enjoyed going back through my photos from this year, and reliving all of the fun memories!!

 - Jessica