Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Grocery Store Fun

My typical grocery trip takes me about an hour.  I plan my menu, write out my list, choose a morning when Derik can watch Abbie at home, and blow in and out of the grocery store in less than an hour!  I basically run a grocery store marathon!  I hate being there, and I want to make the trip as painless as possible!  This morning however... I had 2 recipes that I needed to get ingredients for.  My list was short, and Derik was home, so we ventured out as a family!  Food Lion is literally a tenth of a mile from our front door, so we headed there! 

I decided that since the list was so short... I would let Abbie push a cart, and I would push a small cart.  She was so excited, and it was pretty adorable!  She had a great time putting groceries in her cart and following mommy all around the store!  Daddy managed to get some really cute pictures!!

Trying to sneak oatmeal... that wasnt on the list!

On the move...

  Having a great time!

Helping mommy get some fruit...

Putting more groceries in the cart!

Getting the brownie mix!

Like Mommy, Like Daughter!

Abbie's cart... she did great!

I just love my little girl, and I am trying to cherish every second that I have left her before we have Brady!

 - Jessica