Friday, July 18, 2014

A Whole New World

Yes, that was an Aladdin reference!
However, we did venture into a brand new world today!  The world of sensory happiness! A place where all of Brady's unique cravings and desires were met, and he was content. There are no other Pediatric OTs in the area that work specifically with children who have sensory needs.  This office has 5 therapists on staff that are PHENOMENAL!!  The office is BRAND NEW, and we are one of the first patients to get an opportunity to play in "The Treehouse"!!!

I had so much fun watching him laugh, smile, and enjoy himself for the entire hour and a half!  In fact, I am not sure that I have ever enjoyed watching him as much as I did today.  This appointment was completely catered to Brady's needs, and the therapist let Brady take the lead.

He started off with some simple toys that were really fantastic for him.  The idea was to let him "warmup" to the room & to Laurie, naturally, but that didn't take long at all!  He got used to the room quickly, and crawled over to a big hanging "treehouse" swing!  He climbed in with absolutely no problem & we began to swing him!!!  He LOVED it, and even climbed back in for a little more action after we took him out!

After the "treehouse" swing we tried some block stacking, but our therapist, Laurie, really wanted to get Brady into the ball pit!  It was a HUGE ball pit, and I was able to get in with him & we had so much fun!!  He loved to "splash" in the balls.  It made so many move, and he was able to get a lot of the visual stimulation that he craves so much.

We played for a while too!  I would stand him up, and he would fall over into the balls!  He even said "gan" which means AGAIN!  After a while, I grabbed him by his hands and tossed him up so he landed in the ball pit, and he just laughed and laughed!

After the ball pit, we tried some bouncing in a large swing that was attached to the ceiling with bungee cords! Brady enjoyed it, but he can't quite figure out how to bounce on his own.  That actually doesn't surprise me, as he NEVER jumped in the jumperoo!

By far, his favorite part of therapy was when Laurie began to swing Brady in the swing.  He laid his head back on the swing, and was completely content!  

After the swing, Brady requested to go back into the ball pit, and we had fun throwing balls into a basket and then pouring them back in on Brady!  We finished the session up with some lego play and a few puzzles! He did FANTASTIC, and he made mommy very proud!  I can't wait to go back, and if Brady could talk... I think he would say the same thing!!!

 - Jessica