Thursday, February 21, 2013


For Christmas, my husband and kids gave me the best gift that any stay at home mom could ask for... a Mommycation!  I needed it so bad, and I was waiting not so patiently for departure day to get here!  I left VERY early on Jan 26th.  My car arrived about 415am!!!  My flight was at 6am, so I needed to get to the airport... early!  Since it had snowed the night before, I was greeted with a GORGEOUS Cadillac Escalade in my driveway!  They were using SUVs instead of town cars.  MY BONUS!  I got to the airport with what I felt was plenty of time to spare, made it through security, and found my gate.  I didn't have my butt in a seat for 10 minutes and the plane began to board!  It was a short flight, and I had an aisle seat.  Our flight was delayed 45 minutes because of deicing.  I was so afraid of missing my connection, but we finally got off the ground and headed for Atlanta!
After the chaos of changing terminals in Atlanta was over, I stopped for a bottle of water, some trash magazines, & a bathroom break!  I waited for about 45 mins before boarding, and I was so eager to get on the plane!  I didn't realize what a long flight this was!!!  I had a very sweet row buddy!  She was heading to Oregon!  We didn't have a window, but we had Economy Comfort seats, which I will tell you is worth the $19!!!  I watched a few movies on my iPad, and read my magazines.  I devoured a not so tasty & very over priced Turkey Sandwich, but I was hungry!!!  I seriously didn't think the flight would ever end!  I took a nap, but thought that it was longer than it really was!  Eventually we were set for landing in Salt Lake City!  It was so foggy that it looked like we were landing in Antarctica!  The gorgeous mountains that surround the city were peaking out from below the cloud of fog!  It was so beautiful!

Off the plane and past security, waited Mom & Ken!  A few hugs and pictures later, we were driving through the city!  First stop... Fleming's!  Mom wanted me to see the Fleming's there!  Fortunately Fleming's is located in a gorgeous shopping center, so the site seeing wasn't too shabby!  It's also right across the street from the Utah Jazz Stadium!  Around the corner, our next stop was Temple Square.  Now, I am not a Mormon, but the intrigue of this place draws you in!  The snow made it picturesque!!  I took a bunch of pictures, and we went into the visitors center and the Tabernacle!  It was a really pretty place!

The Temple!

Me in front of the Temple!

Mom & I...

Mom, Ken, & I!


The Tabernacle, so pretty!

The room with Jesus really demanded a Panoramic picture!

This building was so pretty, and I am a sucker for icicles!

They were so massive!

The Temple from across the lake in front... so pretty!

Loving me some Utah Snow!

Next stop was lunch!  We were all hungry, and with the time change... I was still feeling like it was 3pm!  So, we headed to the Red Iguana.  Ken told me they had the best Mexican food around, and I was pretty excited.  However, while they may have great food, they are suffering in the customer service department!  We were told to wait outside for a seat... not happy, we did what we were told.  We stood in the cold for about 5 mins and decided it wasn't worth the wait!  So... we headed to our Plan B... MOOCHIES!  I had watched an episode of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, a week before my trip, and learned all about the yumminess that is Moochies!  So, we headed over... we found it in the middle of a neighborhood!  It was basically a tiny little hole in the wall with some pretty DELICIOUS food!  I was pretty excited to pay them a visit!

Guy Fieri was waiting for me inside!

I ordered Guy's favorite... the Homemade Meatball Sub.  HOLY JUNK... it was absolutely amazing!  My 6in Sub only had 2 meatballs on it, if that tells you how massive they are!  SO SO YUMMY!

Next, we made a pit stop by the largest Target I have ever seen... why do we not have these on the East Coast????  They are amazing!

Now it was time to head up the beautiful and amazing mountains to Snowbird Ski Resort!  I was beyond excited!  I have never been skiing, and just seeing the Ski Resort had me giddy!  The mountains were indescribable!  Pictures really don't do them justice, but I couldn't stop taking them!

So amazing!

The snow was beautiful!

Can you believe people live here?!?!

We finally made it to the skiers exit!  

We went into a small ski shop there, because I needed a hat!  
I passed on this one! 

And ended up with this one!  My head was so warm! 

Watching the skiers come down the mountain was so entertaining! 

We headed back to Mom & Ken's house, which is so pretty!  They live at the bottom of the mountain where Snowbird is, and they get to look at these amazing mountains from their kitchen and bedroom!
It was pizza night and I was stocked!  I suited up in my new Utah sweatshirt that Mom & Ken gifted me with!  THANKS GUYS!  And tore up some delicious homemade pizza!

The next day we headed to church and the clouds had cleared for me to really meet the mountains!
They were just glorious!  I felt like I met God!!!

After church, we took a ride over to the Winter Olympic Stadium from 2002!

Heading back to the house... I mean they are just gorgeous!  
The cloud are covering half of them, and they are still unreal! 

Later Sunday evening we went to Ken's parents house and I met his family!  
They were so wonderful, and we had such a great visit!  

I couldn't believe my eyes when Ken's nephews and niece ran through the snow barefoot!
They did it several times, and I just had to take a picture!

It was Sidney's birthday... green shirt standing up... so we sang and ate cake!

Except when the Sager's sing Happy Birthday, they tear the song up!
They yell and scream! 

Ken's dad, Richard, enjoying his "wet cake"!!!!
That is right, they eat their cake INSIDE of a glass of milk! 

I did taste it, but I did not go back for more!!! 

Leaving to go back home proved more difficult that we expected!  It snowed 8 inches in 6 hours, and we had to be very careful getting back!  The snow in these pictures was not there when we arrived! 

The following day was my last day in Utah, and it was a girls day!  Mom & I headed out for a girly day, but not before making some very yummy snownuts!!!

This was the view from my bedroom, Monday morning... unreal!

The view from mom's bedroom... these mountains have me hypnotized! 

Snownuts... I have truly missed you!

Mom took me to one of her favorite places for lunch, Normandies.  She had told me about this amazing turkey sandwich they make (and I had seen pictures) so we had to put this on our agenda!  We walked in to learn that they only had 1 of the sandwiches left... REALLY!?!?!  So, I let mom order it, and tried a bite of hers!  I ordered the Reuben and some pasta salad... it was fabulous!

Next stop... Deseret Industries, better known as DI.  It is a thrift store, but it may be the nicest thrift store I have ever been too!  I loaded up!  We went to 2 different DI's, and I was very happy with my take!

We also stopped by a JCPenny's which may not seem like a big deal, until you leave!  The view from the parking lot was incredible!  

Driving home... just gorgeous!

For dinner, Mom really wanted to go to JCW's.  I wasn't really sure what this was, but she said they had the best burgers she had ever eaten!  If you have ever met my mom, you know she is about as picky as they come when it comes to food!  So, I trusted her and said let's do it!

Very excited to try it for the first time!

Oh boy, was I glad we went!  Jalapeno Bacon Burger with Chili Cheese fries!
It may look like a heart attack waiting to happen, but it was heavenly! 

Oh yeah... it was that good! 

DELICIOUS!!  Finger licking good! 

Before calling it a night, I needed to find a place to get some souvenirs for my family!  It wouldn't have been right for them to give me this amazing gift and trip and not bring anything home!!!

We started at Trolley Square and had no luck!  
However... I was looking fabulous in my winter attire!

Ken and I awaiting the elevator!  
We were heading back to Temple Square! 

Such a beautiful shopping center!

I did find some souvenirs before calling it an evening.
Tomorrow morning we had an early wake up call for the airport!

My last view of Salt Lake City... heading home! 

LOTS OF LEG ROOM on my last flight back!!

My driver picked me up and took me home!

My trip was ABSOLUTELY amazing!  Anyone who has never been to Utah before, should def put this on your list of places to visit!  I was in love!  I am so grateful for my husband and kids giving me a Mommycation!  I am incredibly grateful to my mom and Ken for making my trip so amazing and memorable!  I hope I get to do this again... it was one of the most amazing trips I have taken!