Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Brady Update...

GOD IS GOOD!  That is always the case, but it was made evident in a big way to our family over the past few days!  Our ultrasound this afternoon went very well, and Brady is looking great!  He measured in at 1lb 9oz which is in the 56th percentile!  To doctor was pleased with his growth, and his heart rate which was 141bpm.  
The update on the issues which were brought to our attention in the last ultrasound was a positive one!  
There were 3 things that the doctor was concerned about last visit.
   1)  Echogenic Bowel or Bright Bowel
   2)  Ascites or Fluid around the bowels
   3)  Oblong Head, I apologize but I cant remember the medical term!!

Apparently none of these things are crazy bad when it is just a single issue, but when in combination... they can mean things like Down Syndrome, Cystic Fibrosis, or that the baby has some sort of infection.  When we left our last appointment, we were terrified!  We had no idea what to expect, and they said they wanted to see us back in 4 weeks.  

At today's appointment, the doctor was MUCH more pleasant!  He started the conversation by letting us know that Brady was breech.  We were expecting this from the moment we found out we were pregnant, so it wasn't much of a shock!  I have a "arcuate uterus" which simply means it looks like a heart.  This causes a septum right in the middle creating 2 sides.  Once the baby gets so big, it can't turn into the head down position, because the septum prevents that.  So, we have breech babies!  Brady being in breech position is what has caused the "oblong head".  Basically he is "squished", and it will fix it's self naturally.  Possibly before birth as my uterus gets bigger.  The measurements they took of his head were of no alarm to the doctor this visit!
Secondly, he moved to the Echogenic Bowel... which is still present.  However, he feels that the most likely cause for the bright bowel is Brady swallowing some blood.  This is not harmful to Brady.  The doctor said it is common for blood to get into the amniotic fluid as the amniotic sac develops, therefore the baby would take in blood.  
Thirdly, the ascites... has vanished!  We are not sure where the fluid went, but he was glad that it was gone!  

So... all in all... Brady is growing strong, and and we have no concerns at the time!  The doctor didnt book another ultrasound until January!  That is 9 weeks out, so obviously there is nothing to worry about!!  YAY!
The doctor did say that I can basically expect to have another c-section.  Since, Brady is breech at this point, he most likely will not be able to turn head down, and we will likely have the same scenario as we did with Abbie.  However, that is not a bad thing, and we will be greatful that he is here... no matter how that happens!!

 - Jessica

Abbienese 101

Something you may not know about our family is that we are bilingual!  That's right, in our house, we speak 2 languages... English, and Abbienese!

It has been such a fun thing to listen as Abbie learns to speak!  Some of the words that she tries so hard to say just don't come out quite right!  Of course, that makes this learning experience all the more fun!!  I thought I would write a blog about the language that is Abbienese, to share with our friends & family!

So, here goes nothing... try not to laugh, too much!

AbbIE - This of course is Abbie, but she always puts the emphasis on the E sound!
Tan Tou - Thank you
Wove Wu or La La La- Love you
MaMa - Mommy
DaDa - Daddy
Baby - This could mean Baby or Brady... it depends on the situation!
Brodur - Brother
Peas - Please
Wunch - This used to mean lunch, but now it means "meal", NOT a snack!
Nack - Snack
Mo Mo - Water
Mooooo - Milk or cow, again depends on the situation!
Tossss - Touch, or usually... DONT TOUCH!
Woof Woof - Dog
Ba - Bath
Nigh Nigh - Night Night, I want to go to sleep!
Pa - Paci
More - More
Pay - Play
Hewo - Hello, usually referring to a phone that she has spotted!
On - On, or I want that on...
Off - Off, or I want that off...
wall wall - walk, I want to go outside and walk.
No - No
Rog - Frog
Boo - Book, or better yet... read me a book
Be Be - Blankie
Uh Oh - Simply means Uh Oh
Shid - Sid the Science Kid
Hat - Means either hat or Cat in the Hat
Hod - HOT
GraGa - Grammy
Me Me - Megan or Mi Mi Carol
PaPa - Papa James or Pa Wayne
Poooop -Poppy
Ant Hen - Aunt Gin
Ant Reese - Aunt Reesey
Cole - Cole
Layla - Layla
Lexeeee - Lexi
Reaga - Reagan
poo - poop
Baw - Ball
Eye - Eye, and then she usually pokes you in the eye!
Bewe - Belly or Belly Button
Nose - Nose
Mowf - Mouth
Boobs - Boob!!  Yes, she says Boobs and then pokes you in the boobs!
Head - Head
Bow - Hair Bow
Sues - Shoes
diapa - diaper
Mouw - Meow or Cat
CoowKe - Cookie or Cookie Monster

Elmo - Elmo
and my personal favorite... Wack Wack - Quack Quack or Duck!  There is a motion that goes with it!

She seems to learn more words every day, and we have really enjoyed being a part of it!  We love to hear her try new words, and learn something new!  She is so precious to us, and we just can't get enough of her!

 - Jessica